So I was up all night slaving away for nothing...not really. My teacher is so finicky. He will demand prints on time one morning. and then next day he doesn't even look at them to see if we did them. But whatevs. I did this tonight:

I think it looks pretty. It's for my assignment for tomorrow. I'm super nervous though cuz Daniel Krall totally picks favorites and I'm not one of them. So I will either get bashed for some minor detail, or I'll get a really short crit for doing a good job "Oh yeah, that looks nice good work. Next." everyone else gets like a 10 minuet discussion and I get freaking 10 seconds. But I suppose thats good. I got the point across with it. It was for an article about how people are starting to prefer to watch movies on their laptops instead of at the theater. Anyhoo. Time for some sleep. OMGGG it's before 2!!! Crazy.
Peace out.

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flavourfish said...

I think it looks great, the mood is very good. I would try to make the perspective "higher" so she sits higher, and the ground is further down. ;) You got some interesting drawings, and Im lucky to find your blog. Will look up on it later.