first blarrggg

So i basically made a blog so that i could have something to put on the first page of my website. Because when you open it the only thing that shows up is the menu. and my mom said it looked kindof weird. So here's my blog! woooot. Now i will update crap about my life and what im working on and whatnot for the people who go to my website....which will be no one. because i'm the only one excited about it...anyways. yah. 

W0000000000 artshow on sunday! whos excited? sarah's excited..

oh yeah i remember what i was gonna say! 
Someone has sarahsloth.blogspot.com. RARGGG. nooooo oh well. i have sarahsloth.com. so suck it. now i just need to find out how to update my crap onto my website. ..maybe i'll do that now. Man i really need a laptop. and a printer and a scanner and photoshop. i need a lot of things. i guess im just needy. Oh well. if i had all those things i wouldnt be in the comptuer lab 24/7. omg i pretty much live here now. im always here working on crap. i need to go home and be productive or something. anyhoo. off to update my website so it links to this nifty little blog!

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