Last set from thesis!

Here is the

New York

group of illustrations:

beware! of PENNIES falling from the empire state building.

beware! of TAXI DRIVERS.

beware! of street-side HOTDOGS


More Happy Holidays!

Less zombies. More cute animals!

And here's a birthday card for Sheena:

That's her and Legolas in "the near future".


Tis the season

Happy Holidays everyone! Don't let Zombie Santa eat you!

And here is the space series:
Next up is "don't eat moon cheese."

beware of space sharks. for obvious reasons...

beware of robots attempting to do human activities, such as jumping into pools.

beware of loss of gravity especially when in the kitchen.


Things to beware underwater!

I finally finished the shading on these puppies. And the first three pamphlets are complete also! AND I did 8 new sketches for the medieval section which got changed to Fairy Tales instead. phew...lots of work...


wild west

Here's the latest from the WILD WEST. Which I don't have text for yet...but it will happen.



I just made a flash website for myself!!!!! And it wasn't super awful making it. It will soon replace my current one. After I put up contact info and update the photos for GD and add descriptions etc.




Here's the first from the BEWARE series!!! And the text for them that will eventually be in a Wildlife FACT FILE pamphlet inspired layout. I'm going to have a diagram done in illustrator of Anyhony Hopkin's strategy for defeating a man-eating-bear-thats-tracking-you-down-in-the-wilderness, but that will be for next week.

Always avoid lumberjacks whenever possible. They are often doing their job cutting down trees and it is very dangerous to stand near them. Beware of falling trees. There is another lumberjack threat occurs in the wilderness, and his name is Paul Bunyan. He's very friendly, but doesn't always look where he's going, so make sure you find an open area to camp out in away from bushes and trees so that he can see you. But still, you may not be safe.

If you see a Sasquatch, leave the area at once. She (that's right most Sasquatch are female) might want to eat you, or worse yet, She might want you to help her comb out her hair so she can look nice for her date with a Bigfoot. And that whole patch of back fur takes FOREVER to comb out, you can expect to be there all evening.


You must always beware of mooses, because they like to collect humans. Their antlers are perfectly shaped for scooping up people and depositing them elsewhere. If a moose tries to scoop you, curl up in a ball in a natural nook. This will prevent the animal from being able to scoop.

Bear Hugs
Although Bears are thought of as very dangerous, most bears are gentle, but you should still stay away. Bears have been known to cut off circulation of people they're hugging. Be sure to stay as far away from bears as possible so you aren't squeezed to death.



Flash is amazing! and so much fun! and a lot less difficult than I was expecting. Right now atleast. It will probably get much harder later in the semester.
Here's some stuff I've been doing for my flash exercises.

A zombie game I'm still working on

Funnylookin owl

More randomness

And check out those sweet vector portraits of myself and Joshuwaaa in that last flash file!

I've also started a blog for my senior thesis group. Our group is called Killustration, and there are 6 of us. So it's killustration6.blogspot.com Literally JUST made it today. So for the two people following my blog, this other blog should have some really AWESOME stuff on it. Yay killustration! But it has nothing to do with killing, just being awesome.


i wanted to be a vector

v e c t o r s e l f p o r t r a i t



Here are some vending machines for inOne technology. Comparing the new with the old.
I also did some logos that are going to be used on the website.



Sweeet! so sarahsloth finally has a sloth tattoo. It's not my art tho. It's Jeremy Fish's art.


I updated my website!!! nothing new, but I basically put everything from the blog on my website that wasn't. Enjoy!



Boxed Water

Boxed Water graphic design final. These are meant to be packaged as a set, and given to little kids to encourage them to drink water!



Here's another page in the milo story. This is the last of the three that I did.


Here's the last page of my milo story.



So this goes along with my story about where socks go at night.


Here's the illustration for Sudzor



I found this flash thingy I made on my harddrive from freshman year and it made me smile :)


Some art I made today

So Ilene and I are going to start up an Etsy account selling cute stuff on wood panels. And I'm going to start making some fused glass jewelry and sandblasted stuff. Here's the painting I made today! I kindof like it so much I don't want to sell it...


Lost and Found

I chose this piece of paper for my Lost and Found assignment.
And so I started thinking about rediculous 50's advertisements and how a kid might react if they heard that they can't be a lady without having a winning smile...I just wanted to draw 50s ladies. And I drew one in this illustration:


the first one is the best/favorite of mine. yup. theres one more but it sucks so it's not up here.


Concepts final

Here's the final:

Aesop's Fables IN SPACE!!!

I wrote this story for my Children's book literature class. And I want to illustrate it for my illustration final. Cuz drawing space is fun!

Once upon a time there lived a tiny alien named Milo. He worked on a space cruiser as a cabin attendant cleaning guest's rooms while they were out enjoying their space cruise. He was barely ever noticed because he was so small and quiet.

One day Milo's boss sent him on a solo mission.
"Milo, we've ran out of laundry soap and there is a lot of laundry to do. I need you to get more soap from the planet Sudzor."

So Milo packed for his trip and headed to the company space ship with his buckets for collecting soap. The rickety old space ship blasted off in the direction of Sudzor.

Milo flew along the Zarnak corridor that would lead him to his destination. In the distance he spotted a large battle ship ahead that was about to cross his path. It was painted black and he wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for the shiny reflective bits of metal that were crudely attached to the ship's hull.

He imediately slammed on the breaks, but his tiny space craft was not able to stop fast enough and he bumped into the other ship.

All of a sudden his ship shut down and he felt the other ship's magnetic force pulling him in. Once inside he cautiously peeked out from behind the door of his ship. No one was there. He walked a little bit further and all of a sudden a giant man jumped out in front of him. It was the infamous space pirate Angus McFearson!

Milo was terrified!
"You hit my ship!" Angus bellowed "And now you're dead meat! Are you ready to die?"

"Oh please dont!" Milo begged. "If you let me go, I will repay you somehow I promise."

Angus just laughed at him. "How can you, a tiny little alien, do anything for me? However, I am intrigued by this, so I will let you go."

Angus did let Milo go, but he didn't think that he would ever see him again.

Milo ran back to his ship and took off as fast as he could to continue on his mission. He landed softly on the soapy surface of the planet Sudzor and scooped some of the ground with his buckets. He then headed back to the cruiser.

Just then he heard a distress call coming from his dash board. Curious as to what it was, Milo followed the signal deep into the darkness of space.

As the beeping got faster and faster Milo noticed a large black shape looming ahead. It was the same ship as before. I can keep my promise! he thought to himself.

He docked his ship in the space port and got out to see what was the matter. It was impossibly hard to breath because oxygen levels in the air were desperately low. Milo reached for his emergency oxygen mask and put it on to go find Angus.

He found the fearless pirate in the cockpit slumped in his captains chair. He did not look up when Milo entered. Milo rushed up to the chair and shook the captian. Angus rolled his head back and looked up at him with distressed eyes.

Milo knew that Angus was running out of oxygen and would soon be dead if he didn't do anything about it. The air was very thin, but Milo could still survive for a little while with no mask. He pulled the oxygen mask off his own face and put it around Angus'.

It took him a while, but the pirate slowly began to turn from a sickly pale blue to the natural pink his skin was originally.

"You are small!" Angus said wearily.
Milo wondered why the space pirate would choose to tell him something he already knew. Angus reached for a small filter and then he explained to Milo: "This ship is very poorly designed. The passageway where the oxygen filter is is impossibly small. It needs to be replaced but I cannot fit."

Without being asked Milo knew just what to do. He took the filter and crawled into the ship to replace it. But even he was too small! He could almost reach the filter, but the space was too tight. "If only I were slippery just like Suzdor..." Then he had an idea. "Angus!" He shouted from the tunnle "Run to my ship and grab one of the buckets of soap!" When Angus returned, Milo reached into the bucket and grabbed a handful of soap and lathered it on himself. He was then able to slip right through the tight spot in the tunnle and snap the filter into place. He crawled back out and took a deep breath of fresh air.

"Well thank you little alien! I did not think I would see you again, but I did and you saved my life just as you promised." Said the space pirate. "You're welcome!" Milo said as he sat down next to the bucket of soap, dipped his fingers in and blew bubbles with the infamous space captain Angus McFearson.



Here's my progress on my gentrification assignment from concepts:


Oh my gosh

The gap has come out with a whole line of clothes that are all in Pantone colors:

And here's my $13 tattoo! not bad eh? I'm really happy with it. I wanted teal green and brown, but the colors were predetermined. but thats okay because I originally wanted like a burgundy and a gold. so its all good.

And I had the best valentines day ever which was surprising considering the circumstances. Anyhoo. The end.