la lights

here's my stamp for concepts.

And here's the final.



wooooo art! i like how this is turning out!

blarg. my face turned out horibly. but i dont give a crap. tada!


pulled from chang.gov

And then there’s Greg in Brownwood, TX, who tackles one of the more controversial issues facing the President-elect and his family:

“They should look into getting a Standard Poodle. My dog, Gracie, is an ambassador. Everyone LOVES my dog. Thoughtful, considerate, low-key, only barks when necessary, playful and fun… Poodles also do not shed, so are nearly hypo-allergenic…”

Keep the advice coming.

Madagascar 2

This movie was SOOOOOOOOO enjoyable.
and this is what I made for concepts:

king julian is absolutely amazing...


the masterpeice is done! and i am tired...

after undergoing a tiresome and grueling process, i have reached my conclusion of my advent calendar kids map project. Here's the map...kindof evolved into not a map...but thats okay.

That is the hard copy all glued up and folded and crazy complicated. Math is not for this artist...