Here's the first from the BEWARE series!!! And the text for them that will eventually be in a Wildlife FACT FILE pamphlet inspired layout. I'm going to have a diagram done in illustrator of Anyhony Hopkin's strategy for defeating a man-eating-bear-thats-tracking-you-down-in-the-wilderness, but that will be for next week.

Always avoid lumberjacks whenever possible. They are often doing their job cutting down trees and it is very dangerous to stand near them. Beware of falling trees. There is another lumberjack threat occurs in the wilderness, and his name is Paul Bunyan. He's very friendly, but doesn't always look where he's going, so make sure you find an open area to camp out in away from bushes and trees so that he can see you. But still, you may not be safe.

If you see a Sasquatch, leave the area at once. She (that's right most Sasquatch are female) might want to eat you, or worse yet, She might want you to help her comb out her hair so she can look nice for her date with a Bigfoot. And that whole patch of back fur takes FOREVER to comb out, you can expect to be there all evening.


You must always beware of mooses, because they like to collect humans. Their antlers are perfectly shaped for scooping up people and depositing them elsewhere. If a moose tries to scoop you, curl up in a ball in a natural nook. This will prevent the animal from being able to scoop.

Bear Hugs
Although Bears are thought of as very dangerous, most bears are gentle, but you should still stay away. Bears have been known to cut off circulation of people they're hugging. Be sure to stay as far away from bears as possible so you aren't squeezed to death.



Flash is amazing! and so much fun! and a lot less difficult than I was expecting. Right now atleast. It will probably get much harder later in the semester.
Here's some stuff I've been doing for my flash exercises.

A zombie game I'm still working on

Funnylookin owl

More randomness

And check out those sweet vector portraits of myself and Joshuwaaa in that last flash file!

I've also started a blog for my senior thesis group. Our group is called Killustration, and there are 6 of us. So it's killustration6.blogspot.com Literally JUST made it today. So for the two people following my blog, this other blog should have some really AWESOME stuff on it. Yay killustration! But it has nothing to do with killing, just being awesome.


i wanted to be a vector

v e c t o r s e l f p o r t r a i t