business card

here is my business card for the art market.


la lights

here's my stamp for concepts.

And here's the final.



wooooo art! i like how this is turning out!

blarg. my face turned out horibly. but i dont give a crap. tada!


pulled from chang.gov

And then there’s Greg in Brownwood, TX, who tackles one of the more controversial issues facing the President-elect and his family:

“They should look into getting a Standard Poodle. My dog, Gracie, is an ambassador. Everyone LOVES my dog. Thoughtful, considerate, low-key, only barks when necessary, playful and fun… Poodles also do not shed, so are nearly hypo-allergenic…”

Keep the advice coming.

Madagascar 2

This movie was SOOOOOOOOO enjoyable.
and this is what I made for concepts:

king julian is absolutely amazing...


the masterpeice is done! and i am tired...

after undergoing a tiresome and grueling process, i have reached my conclusion of my advent calendar kids map project. Here's the map...kindof evolved into not a map...but thats okay.

That is the hard copy all glued up and folded and crazy complicated. Math is not for this artist...


beach towel design.
This is from a quote offa overheardatthebeach.com
I thought it would make a product.



WOOOOO this took me forever!
and i really like it.
go me!


more finished stuff

Here is the finished work i posted a while back that was unfinished.
plus another thing i did for my photoshop class.

more recent

I did this stuff for an onomonopia assignment. 
I chose 50s space sounds. So i created an environment that doesn't really exist and decided what sounds would be there.
Here are the first three spots, and the large one:
     <----the large one

But ive been fairly busy with school. Getting a lot of cool stuff done that i'm enjoying.  it's been a good semester


Wow this weekend was crazy.
but I did manage to get this done:

and I did the flats for my chick on a deer.
and 2 tone. they look like this :

woo the end.



So I was up all night slaving away for nothing...not really. My teacher is so finicky. He will demand prints on time one morning. and then next day he doesn't even look at them to see if we did them. But whatevs. I did this tonight:

I think it looks pretty. It's for my assignment for tomorrow. I'm super nervous though cuz Daniel Krall totally picks favorites and I'm not one of them. So I will either get bashed for some minor detail, or I'll get a really short crit for doing a good job "Oh yeah, that looks nice good work. Next." everyone else gets like a 10 minuet discussion and I get freaking 10 seconds. But I suppose thats good. I got the point across with it. It was for an article about how people are starting to prefer to watch movies on their laptops instead of at the theater. Anyhoo. Time for some sleep. OMGGG it's before 2!!! Crazy.
Peace out.

art show

So I'm glad that's over with. It was a great show, but WOW it was a lot of work. a lot more than my show at millers. But it was a really great turn out. I'm really happy with the amount of people who showed up. People I haven't seen in YEARS! It was pretty awesome. And I 3 pieces!!!! which was super awesome. I wasn't in the show to make money really. I just wanted the publicity. Because being an illustrator is all about shameless publicity. I handed out a lot of buisness cards and whatnot. I'm so happy I got sarahsloth.com up just in the nick of time. Underpants media still needs some work. But that's okay.

This is mine..obviously :)

And this is the business card for Underpants Media. I cant believe underpantsmedia.com was taken. ???craziness. Anyhoo. We're gonna work on getting the .com from that person. freaking texas rainmaker.

So yeah, the art show was amazing!!! I had so much fun and there were so many people!!! Like the place was packed. My last show was like super small scale. I didnt do enough advertising of it. So I was super excited when there were so many people you had to say excuse me to get to the drinks....Awesome. But it was exausting. I worked from 930 till 5 and then left at like 730 after the art show. Me and Phill went out to dinner with my mom, dad, aunt, cousin, his wife, and their daughter. Mmmm California Tortillia is delicious. Then me and Phill dropped off the van at his parents house and we went home and I was so tired I took a nap for like 2 hours while he went and bought me an energy drink because I had to drive to baltimore and do homework and didnt want to be falling alseeep. Awwww it was the sweetest thing ever. And he even put gas in my car for me so I wouldnt have to on my way back. :) Yeah. Sweetest boyfriend ever. It's awesome. Anyways I woke up to caffeine and a car full of gas and drove up here. Only to have my car over heat for some reason. It always does that!! My mechanic isnt very great because the heating system in my car fails every other month. Anyways I did some screaming and crying on the way up to baltimore hoping my car wouldnt explode or something. But it didnt and I got to the comptuer lab just in time to make this:

They're the flats for my Photoshop class tomorrow. It went pretty smoothly. And I like the colors I chose for this. It's gonna look good finished. So I did that and got back about 330. Then I worked on installing my new printer for about an hour. It was pretty easy. And then i printed that. It printed a little funny and the blacks were more grey than black. but thats okay. I like it how it printed. Plus its not a final or anything. Ugh, Jose is so picky. Anyhoo. So yeah. thats where I'm at now. and I'm about to go to sleep and wake up in 3 hours! w000t. not really at all, but hey, thats life I suppose. I'm super relived I have a printer now. I wont have to go to the print lab anymore!! awesome. Wellll good night yall.


first blarrggg

So i basically made a blog so that i could have something to put on the first page of my website. Because when you open it the only thing that shows up is the menu. and my mom said it looked kindof weird. So here's my blog! woooot. Now i will update crap about my life and what im working on and whatnot for the people who go to my website....which will be no one. because i'm the only one excited about it...anyways. yah. 

W0000000000 artshow on sunday! whos excited? sarah's excited..

oh yeah i remember what i was gonna say! 
Someone has sarahsloth.blogspot.com. RARGGG. nooooo oh well. i have sarahsloth.com. so suck it. now i just need to find out how to update my crap onto my website. ..maybe i'll do that now. Man i really need a laptop. and a printer and a scanner and photoshop. i need a lot of things. i guess im just needy. Oh well. if i had all those things i wouldnt be in the comptuer lab 24/7. omg i pretty much live here now. im always here working on crap. i need to go home and be productive or something. anyhoo. off to update my website so it links to this nifty little blog!