Farm Friends Portraits

After spending 6 months at Left Foot Farm, I wanted to leave something behind for the amazing people I got to know over that time period. Words cannot describe how much these people mean to me, but pictures can come close! Here are 9 portraits that I created using a new almond eyes style. Also I incorporated a lot of trees since I've been drawing a lot of them lately. Enjoy!
My very best friend Nina who means the world to me - "Ninaslice" has been her nickname forever..
Jeremy & Beth own the magical paradise that is Left Foot Farm. Here are some of their goats also!
Kendall & Alex fly through life enriching all the lives of those around them with laughter and astrology. 
This is Erika. She is a beautiful ball of light!
Steph's dream is to own a winery! I hope she makes it :)
Dusty & Emily are two of the sweetest adventurers out there!  
Madeline manages the farm like a shining goddess of efficiency and skill.
I have never met anyone as compassionate and caring as Lauren!
Elizabeth is one headstrong woman! She will no doubt go far in life!

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