Hallorainbow & Business Cards!

I LITERALLY just got these delivered to my door :) I like how they turned out, except the outline on the green side is SLIGHTLY off...but hopefully no one will really notice.

And here's the board book I made on Sunday for Illustrated Book. I really like how the pages look from an angle. And the matte paper I printed on looks nice also. I'm going to use it as my senior show piece probably.


a.i.m. said...

I love it!!!!! That's going to be so great for kids man! Was it hard to make?

Sarah Sloth said...

surprisingly no! I just got boards, cut them up, glued them together with strips of book cloth and used double tack to stick the images onto the boards. THEN, (the icing on the cake)I used my glass grinder to grind down the corners to rounded edges. it's not suposed to be used for that, but it did the job!