Farm Friends Portraits

After spending 6 months at Left Foot Farm, I wanted to leave something behind for the amazing people I got to know over that time period. Words cannot describe how much these people mean to me, but pictures can come close! Here are 9 portraits that I created using a new almond eyes style. Also I incorporated a lot of trees since I've been drawing a lot of them lately. Enjoy!
My very best friend Nina who means the world to me - "Ninaslice" has been her nickname forever..
Jeremy & Beth own the magical paradise that is Left Foot Farm. Here are some of their goats also!
Kendall & Alex fly through life enriching all the lives of those around them with laughter and astrology. 
This is Erika. She is a beautiful ball of light!
Steph's dream is to own a winery! I hope she makes it :)
Dusty & Emily are two of the sweetest adventurers out there!  
Madeline manages the farm like a shining goddess of efficiency and skill.
I have never met anyone as compassionate and caring as Lauren!
Elizabeth is one headstrong woman! She will no doubt go far in life!


Bench Lake Two

I made this from a photo I took at Bench Lake. 


The Night Sky

I was marveling at the sky, the fog and the trees the other night. Since i couldn't capture it with a photo, I decided to illustrate it.


Latest Hand Painted Hats

Here are some of the latest hats I've painted. 

Om & Seeing Eye Hat

Fox Hat

Sri Yantra Hat

Lion Hat

Catfish Hat


Learning Illustrator

So I got a new job as an intern at EyeBlack! And I am learning SO MUCH wonderful information about adobe illustrator. I have been making another digital mandala. Here is it for you to see!


Growing Up

Goodbye 'sloth', hello actual last name!
I've launched my new portfolio website at sarahsorden.com!
Also, there is a new blog to follow: sarahsorden.tumblr.com


Sock Revamp!

I am re-writing a story I wrote in college about socks that go to a convention every month or so, and along the way they get washed down drains, stuck on branches, carried off by dogs, etc. Hence why you sometimes loose a sock or two. The original story was from the boy's perspective. The new story will be from the sock's perspective because it's more fun that way. Here is the first of three spreads I am doing for my book dummy package!
I'm trying this new technique where I combine my old style, and the vibrational patterning I've been painting on things. It's to allude to the fact that this sock story is a dream...or is it? Feedback always appreciated <3 p="">

Here's the original:




Blurples. Fun illustrator/photoshop doodles that became necklaces.

Printed Work

Two fun projects side by side

Happy hour cards

Poster & logo is my work!!! I love love love seeing my work out in public!! Who doesn't?

hand painted hats

Here are the hats I've painted:

Hallorainbow mini books are ready for dispersement!!!

For Erika's going away/birthday present.


Burgers Beer & Oysters

Pretty awesome poster to go with a pretty awesome deal! 

We got PRIDE! yes we do!

Here is my poster for the pride promotion!


This is the design setup for my new website!